Jul 13

How I Knew Her – Nataly Dawn

I found this song after we got my grandmother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Visits consist of lots of questions, lots of answers and trying to figure things out.

If you have a family member with Alzheimer’s, get their stories. It matters to have the stories. Because I’ve found out more about the family history since I started asking questions.

Jul 13

Trying my Hand a Photography Journal Flip

Photography is one of my passions so naturally I have a journal for it. I started working on the journal earlier this year and decided to do my first journal flip for it.

Jun 13

A Bumper Crop of Pickles

The last month has been busy. A trip to Iowa to see my grandma and canning – lots and lots of canning.

Sunday was jam day. I made a this recipe for Cantaloupe and Vanilla Jam from two of the seven cantaloupe I picked from my garden. It turned out beautifully.

Cantaloupe Vanilla Jam

Cantaloupe Vanilla Jam

I also sliced up cucumbers for two types of sweet pickles – Sweet Lime Pickles and Cinnamon Pickles. The second pickle is new to me. My aunt says that the pickles end up tasting like candied apples. I’m looking forward to seeing what they look like when they are done. R. says that the first recipe reminds him of the the Del-Dixie sweet baby gherkins his mother used to serve at Thanksgiving.

May 13

Rest in Peace My Sweet Baby Boy

This afternoon R did the hardest thing I’ve ever asked him to do. He took Simba in and had him put to sleep.

Simba was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a couple weeks ago. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks adjusting to his condition. But this weekend, it became apparent just how sick Simba was. Everything he did tired him out and left him lethargic for hours. The kindest and humanest thing R and I could do is let him go.

Last night and this morning, I spent a lot of time petting, brushing, and loving on Simba. How could I not do that? For the last 9 years, he’s been the keeper of my secrets and the bringer of joy. He showed me that I had the capacity to love again when I was left feeling unloveable. Simba put me to sleep at night with the rumbles of his purrs. He also demanded scritches (and food) when I came home.



When Simba fell asleep, he reminded me of a caterpillar. R had the idea that Simba should be buried in the center of a butterfly garden. So R built a raised garden bed with Mexican Milkweed and Lanatana in it. Simba is buried in the middle and a blue bird bath sits over him on square pavers. R. even found a small monarch caterpillar on one of the plants today when he was planting everything.

Rest in peace my sweet baby boy. You are missed and forever loved.

Apr 13

New Video from Jack Conte

I stumbled across this little gem a couple of days ago on Youtube. A remix of Daft Punk, Skrillex, and wicked cool graphics from Jack Conte.


Apr 13

Using the MOO Lightroom Plug-in to Load Multiple Images to MOO

Moo.com currently has a 25% off sale going on, so I decided to order the cards I need for my photography business. A Lightroom plugin was created so you can load images directly to MOO for business cards, minicards, and postcards. The download and instructions to load the plugin are at https://github.com/moodev/moo.lrplugin).

The instructions for loading images to MOO given on that page are great if you work on one image and then load it up to MOO. However if you want multiple images in your pack, when you follow these instructions, you end up with multiple Moo projects – not with a single project where all your images end up together for your cards. Here’s my solution to load multiple images as one project – create a Lightroom collection for your Moo business cards. Creating a collection will allow you to drop images from different projects into a common area so you can work with them in one place and then export them into MOO as a single project. The instruction are below.

Note: If you’re going to do additional printings (postcards, stickers, etc) from MOO, I’d create a collection for each type of printing (but then I can be a little OCD that way ;-) ).

  1. Click on the + sign next to the Collection module title.
  2. Select Create Collection
  3. Creating the LR Collection for MOO Business Cards

  4. Name the collection Moo Business Cards.
  5. Make sure that Top Placement is selected.
  6. Click Create. The collection is created.
  7. As you edit the images, drag and drop them from the slide bar at the bottom of Lightroom into the MOO Business Cards Collection. You must be in the Develop Module or the Library Module to do this.
  8. Once you have all your images saved, make sure you are in Library mode.
  9. Click on the collection you wish to view.
  10. Click the grid view button to show all the images in the collection at once.
  11. Getting ready to export to MOO

  12. Click CTRL+A (PC) or Command+A (Mac) to select all the images. Note: If you decide not to include an image for some reason you can always hold down the CTRL key (PC) or the Command key (Mac) and click on the image to deselect it.
  13. Click Export. The Export dialog screen displays.
  14. Click Plug-in Manager in the lower left corner.
  15. Export Menu - Plugin Manager

  16. Select the MOO Export Plugin.
  17. Making sure the MOO Export Plugin is active

  18. Click Done.
  19. In the Export To drop down, select MOO.
  20. Selecting MOO from the Export Dropdown

  21. Select Business cards in the Make drop down.
  22. Leave the dropdown Cards will be: as “oriented automatically”.
  23. Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 12.26.11 PM

  24. Select Export. The files will be loaded to Moo.

LR Exporting 3 Images to MOO

Once your images are loaded to MOO, you can finish your order.

After the images are loaded to MOO

For more tips about creating MOO cards, visit the MOO FAQ Page.
Have fun creating your Moo.Com cards.

Mar 13

I’ve Fallen in Love with this Video

Seriously… the title says it all. This young woman has taken Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child” and made it her own.