Starting Over

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while.  The database on the site got corrupted and I didn’t realize it until the middle of last year.  Other things have kept me busy so I haven’t taken the time to kick off the new start of Don’t Be a Picklebump until now.  My friend Tracy encouraged a bunch of us who used to group blog as a part of Reverb to reconnect.

I really don’t know where exactly this is headed at the moment.  I think it will be about the small art and mixed media projects I am doing as well just some of my random thoughts on life. All I know is that life is meant to be lived and I am making many strides towards living my life on my terms and not just letting things be determined by outside influences.

Rainy Sunset at the Bay Area Park and Ride
Rainy Sunset at the Bay Area Park and Ride


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